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‘Extremists’ in Ukraine

The story of a Svoboda guard at a Euromaidan checkpoint at Independence Square (Maidan) in Kiev, Ukraine.
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360° of 2016 NYC Snow Blizzard

I spent a day in the cold to capture the snow blizzard of 2016 in NYC.
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After Euromaidan, Flowers Come Out in Kiev

From late 2013 until mid 2014, the Maidan in the center of the Ukraine's capital city, was the epicenter of contention for the nation's protesters and riot police. But after deposing former president Viktor Yanukovych on February 22, I reported how the...
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Al Salaam School

Located in Reyhanli, Turkey, Al Salaam School is a non-profit school for Syrian refugee children.
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Allison & Breg Hughes: Everyday Heroes in the Special Forces Community

CPT Breg Hughes was injured in Afghanistan by an IED but he hasn't let his injuries define his life. As part of the Green Beret Foundation's "Everyday Heroes in the Special Forces Community" video series, I share his story of military service and his life after coming home...
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ATV Ride in Afghanistan

In some of the most remote and dangerous spots in Afghanistan, the U.S. Special Operations Forces sometimes get around by ATV.
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Ben seems to have a perfect life in Haiti. He lives in a beautiful home overlooking the Caribbean and trains Haitian teachers in Creole a a school just a quick walk away. Ben loves the solitude and peace that he...
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Chef David Bouley in Manhattan

I hung out with David Bouley at his restaurant in lower Manhattan and filmed him at work for broadcast on French TV. This 1 minute 30 second piece shows some of his tasty (and healthy) French cuisine.    
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Completely Cut Off in East Ukraine

Reporting from the front lines of Shyrokyne in East Ukraine.
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Day of the Dead

In a small indigenous village in Guatemala, people honor the dead and scare away evil spirits by building gigantic, colorful kites in their local graveyard. People of all ages also come to fly beautiful kites as part of this tradition.
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Go Inside Haiti’s Worst Slum

Cité Soleil, or “Sun City” is Haiti’s largest slum and its most dangerous. The gangs run this ghetto.
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Green Beret Foundation at NYSE

The Green Beret Foundation rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange in December 2014, closing the market for the day.
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Green Beret Meets the Market’s Demand

Ret. SGM Bruce Parkman spent his career in the Army serving the country and thought he had everything planned out. Armed with a Masters degree and his experience, he found the civilian job market to be more challenging than he...
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A conversation with Chad Kister about the voices in his head.
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Kashmir: Paradise On Earth

Paradise on Earth is a 11-minute documentary about my visit to India-controlled Kashmir as a participant in election monitoring. The film shows how Kashmiris are caught in the middle between the Indian military and the militants vying for independence. Warning:...
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Prosthetics Center in Turkey for Syrians

More than 300,000 Syrians have been killed during the country’s ongoing civil war. Losing limbs in the conflict is also common. Syrians with little medical training have learned to make prosthetic limbs on the Turkish side of the Syrian border.
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Syrian Crisis Hits Children Hard

In the summer of 2012, I visited a refugee camp in Turkey, along the Syrian border, where thousands of Syrian refugees were living. My video captures the effects of the Syrian crisis on the children.
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Teaching Afghanistan’s Future

After working for a year in Afghanistan as a videographer for US Special Forces, I returned to Kabul to highlight the training of girls education and teacher training in Afghanistan.
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The Crucible

The Crucible brings together a group of civilians with a former Green Beret and another Green Beret transitioning into the civilian world. They go together on a four-day hiking expedition in Utah to build a team and learn from each...
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Thyself Be True

A therapist’s notes are not written to be seen by others, much less projected on a screen in a room full of strangers. But during a trail, two men's notes were blown up on a monitor next to the jury....
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Training U.S. Soldiers About Afghan Agriculture

Agriculture Development for Afghanistan Pre-Deployment Training provides American diplomats and soldiers with a full educational program on agriculture prior to their deployment to Afghanistan.  
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Voters, Cheaters, Cops and Soldiers

Tense scenes in Haiti's presidential election in October 2015.
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Western Union Leadership Lessons

Western Union's Chief Compliance Officer, Jacqueline Molnar, spent 4 days in the backcountry Moab, Utah, with transitioning special operation soldiers and other corporate leaders. Watch as both parties honed in on leadership, teamwork and critical problem solving skills, which are...



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