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Race Across America (RAAM)

RAAM videos: (Produced/Edited/Shot)

2015 RAAM Field Report – Media 2 – 06-15-15

2015 RAAM Field Report – Media 2 – 06-16-15 B

2015 RAAM Field Report – Media 2 – 06-16-15 A

2015 RAAM Field Report – Media 2 – 06-17-15 A

2015 RAAM Field Report – Media 2 – 06-18-15

2015 RAAM Field Report – Media 2 – 06-19-15A

2015 RAAM Field Report – Media 02 – 06-19-15B

2015 RAAM Field Report – Media 02 – 06-20-15

2015 RAAM Field Report – M2 – 062115

Race Across America’s Russell Midori rides along with the Danish crew supporting solo rider Henning Larsen. These Danes provide Russell with a quick Danish lesson and he probes them about the strategies they use to keep their rider in the top 5!

RAAM Field Report – M2 – 062215

Check out these riders as they ride through the pains, I mean plains, of Kansas. And hear from Seana Hogan before her heart breaking DNF.

2015 RAAM Field Report – Media 02 – 06-23-15

Solo rookie racer, Matt Hoffmann is leading by example. This 43-year-old racer from Carlsbad, California is a part of the San Diego VeloYouth program, which offers at-risk and disadvantaged middle school students track bike coaching.

2015 RAAM Field Report – Media 02 – 06-24-15

Nutrition plays a critical role in the performance of endurance athletes, who burn 1000’s of calories every day. Keeping a rider fed is serious business for some and for others it’s more Laissez-faire.

2015 RAAM Field Report – Media 02- 06-25-15

Race official, David “donkey” Jones, has completed multiple RAAM’s and set the solo speed record for men in the 60-69 category in 2008. So he’s no stranger to the difficulty of this course.

2015 RAAM Field Report – Media 02- 06-26-15

So close, yet so far. Teams chime in on the final push towards towards the finish.

2015 RAAM Field Report – Media 02- 06-27-15

In the Race Across America every mile counts. There is something about the open road and the slow but steady forward motion can that bring about a personal transformation. Perhaps, it’s the discovery that determination alone is not enough, or that all the training can only get you so far. That spark, the one that started racers on this journey, has to be kindled into a fire along the way, burning so bright that it’s warmth is felt long after the finish line.

2015 RAAM Field Report – Media 02- 06-28-15

To be content with oneself is the greatest success imaginable. And tonight, as all the RAAM riders find themselves adjusting back into their normal routines, they carry with them the story of how one upon a time they cycled 3000 miles across America.

2015 RAAM Field Report – Media 02- 06-29-15

Most “impossible” goals can be met simply by breaking them down into bite size chunks. Here’s a look back at some of those moments that became milestones in this years Race Across America!

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  1. Justin

    Jun22Dee Well I’m getting ready to leave work for the wkeeend so by the time I get back on Monday you will have crossed the finish line in first place for your age group, slept a couple of hours and you will be getting ready for the banquet. Now remember you have some tough riding coming up so don’t give up. It’s almost over. You are way ahead of your last year’s time and doing very well. You are strong and you can do this. To the crew, this is where Dave might get a little hard to get along with. Be strong for him and just ignore his comments. They are not running you in circles Dave keep peddling!!! Dave, we love you and are so proud of you. Dave’s crew thanks every so much for everything you have done this past week and a half. YOU GUYS CAN DO IT!!! I’ll try to find a computer on Sunday to check on all of you. I’m guessing you will be in Annapolis, MD by then!!! Be safe and XXOO to all of you.

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