Book: First Steps in Journalism

As a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Romania, I wrote and edited this book for high school and…

Hip hop brings hope in crisis

Published by the Washington Post on July 1, 2017 BANGUI, Central African Republic — Lionel Fotot…

Texting, Skype Alter The Peace Corps Experience

As published by National Public Radio on Aug. 26, 2010.…

Volcanic Mud Monsters

Photos taken in Colombia.

Romanian Wedding

Photos taken in Romania.

Pig Slaughter

Photos taken in Romania.

Gaucho World

Photos taken in Argentina.

Communist Cuba

Photos taken in Cuba.

Carnival Season

Photos taken in Brazil, French Guyane, and English Guyana.

All About Latin America

Photos taken across Latin America.

A Fight to the Death

Photos taken in Lima, Peru.

Photos: Singles

A selection of photos from throughout the world.


Ben seems to have a perfect life in Haiti. He lives in a beautiful home overlooking the Caribbean…

I Yéké Mou Ndo

Performed by the Central African Republic hip hop group “One Force” — a group devoted to social…

Día de los Muertos

In a small indigenous village in Guatemala, people honor the dead and scare away evil spirits by…